Jasminka Horvatić, Ph.D

Jasminka Horvatić graduated in Psychology and Informatics from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, obtaining her Master’s and PhD there as well. She was awarded the ‘Marulić: Fiat Psychologia’ Acknowledgement for distinctively valuable contribution to the development and promotion of applied psychology in Croatia.

She also participated in and finished several psychotherapy and counselling workshops and trainings. For more than 30 years she has been practicing her own efficient psychotherapy model for treating oncology patients and those diagnosed with PTSP. She carried out numerous research projects on the psychological functioning in such patients. Today she does partner, marital and family therapy and counselling.

Horvatić has worked as a permanent court expert since 2003, as well as a mentor to court experts in training. She performs the role of an educator for judges, lawyers and court experts with the main focus in the field of social skills and psychopathology. 

She takes special interest in psychodiagnostics, therapy and counselling for both children and adults – the gifted and not, professional- and work-ability evaluation, the partner and parenting competencies, people diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, motoric disorders or chronic patients, as well as in employees with workplace issues. In her office she treated more than one hundred thousand adults and more than five thousand children.

For many years, Horvatić has been the Head of the Department for the psychology of children with developmental disabilities and of the disabled at the Croatian Psychological Association. She is also a member of numerous Croatian and international professional organisations.

She published dozens of professional and scientific works, participated in and executed twelve projects. Horvatić acts as a reviewer of books and professional articles for three different professional journals. She held lectures as an organizer and guest speaker in numerous Croatian and international conferences, but carried out different workshops for non-psychologists as well. She worked as an external lecturer for various classes at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and at the Department of Social Work Studies Centre of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.