Mirjana Flegarić-Bradić, MD, MSc

Mirjana Flegarić-Bradić graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb in 2001. Today she is a member of Croatian, European and Swedish Neuroradiology Society.

In 2003 she began her specialization in Radiology, while six years later she passed her specialist exam. She started her subspecialisation in Neuroradiology at the Clinical Hospital Merkur in 2013, which she successfully completed two years later.

Flegarić-Bradić started working at the Koprivnica General Hospital, where she continued her career after having passed her state exam. In Koprivnica she also worked at the Emergency department. There she even worked as a radiology specialist at the Radiology department. In 2010 she transferred to University hospital Merkur where she worked as a radiology specialist at the at the Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Clinical Hospital Merkur.

Five years later she became a neuroradiology subspecialist there.During her studies, Flegarić-Bradić became a member of the European Medical Student Association (EMSA). She acted as a bord member of the first student congress, the so-called Zagreb International Medical Summit (ZIMS 2001). During her professional career, she often participated in the organization of various congresses and workshops, such as the 5th Croatian-Slovenian–Hungarian Radiological Symposium held in Koprivnica in 2003.

She is a co-author of many professional and scientific works on hospital-documentation standards, quality standards of hospital healthcare, methods of liver transplantation and possible complications after the procedure itself.