Đino Varga, MD, MSc

Đino Varga graduated in Medicine from The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zagreb in 1996.

He completed several postgraduate courses in abdominal, breast and thyroid ultrasound imaging, musculoskeletal sonography and doppler ultrasound. As a part of his professional development at the Aviva polyclinic, Varga completed his radiology specialization working at the Clinical Hospital Sisters of Mercy, which lead to his gaining expertise in ultrasound diagnostics, as well as in CT and MRI diagnostics of abdomen, pelvis, spine and brain.

Not only did Varga participate in numerous courses in ultrasound imaging as an invited guest speaker, but he is still an active participant in various congresses. He is a co-author of sixteen books on radiology, including student’s book used by Medicine students. Varga co-authored eight books printed for foreign publishers. Since 2015 he has been working at the Clinical Hospital Sisters of Mercy, becoming a ultrasound and neuroradiology subspecialist.

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