Upgrading existing healthcare models for future challenges.

Global and regional medical products market setup

Register to receive medical assistance and consultations.

We provide the service of managing and implementing OTC drugs and medical devices by setting up local, regional and national distribution network and by connecting entities on the pharmaceutical and drug-preparation market.

Medical-issue consultancy for government and private institutions

You can obtain consulting on and management of individual healthcare procedures (e.g. solid organs transplantation program, endovascular surgery, teleradiology) or the development of governmental-system strategies.


Our consulting service extends also to health-tourism project management.

Guidelines for specific-procedure implementation

We offer a step-by-step professional guidance through regulations and procedures regarding medical issues.


Our aim is to upgrade the existing healthcare models for future challenges.

Telemedicine solutions

Get our 24-hour worldwide expert opinion in different medical fields from the comfort of your home.


TeleGeneralPractice, teleMentalHealth, our 24-hour teleRadiology upload and report system, teleCardiology services bring clinical medicine at your fingertips.

Artificial intelligence in Medicine

The development of multivariable, deep-learning medical algorithms is based on artificial intelligence. That means we can offer best business solutions for dealing with a vast amount of data. 


Let our AI team help you manage your business dilemma, let AI work for you.


Tomorrow’s medicine Today!

About us

Medical Bravo is a medical service management company, which operates globally in several different fields concerning medicine and healthcare.

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