Medical Bravo is a medical service management company, which operates globally in several different fields concerning medicine and healthcare.


Here in Medical Bravo it is not about us, it is about you. Our mission is your well-being. MentalResilience solutions manage your daily mental crisis in real time, while services we offer in clinical medicine serve to guide you through various procedures and their implementation.


Our adaptable, problem-solving team of experts tackles your healthcare-business challenges.

Why us?

  • Experienced clinical radiologists experienced clinical radiologists with MSc and long working experience in University clinical hospitals;
  • Top IT software that includes RIS and PACS, approved by all relevant global (FDA, EMA, etc) and regional/national regulatory institutions;
  • Rigorous quality control and recertification procedures;
  • Adaptable, highly skilled R & D team;
  • 24/7 consulting service;
  • Expert opinion provided within the timeframe established by clinical medicine;
  • Mental-health experts available for daily challenges of overcoming mental obstacles
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individual sessions
2nd opinion

managing blood
pressure therapy

2nd opinion
online monitoring
group sessions

custom exams in one
of our partner clinics

glucose-level therapy

subspecialist report
house call

wide range of mental
resilience professionals

clinical opinion

primary care
online physical therapy
mental resilience of children

medical advice
in general practice

collective mental resilience
evaluation for your company

Custom Medical Plans TeleDermatology TeleGynecology TeleNeurology
expert guidance in achieving diagnosis
2nd opinion
2nd opinion
2nd opinion
tailored personal health issue diagnosis plans
subspecialist report
pregnancy planing and monitoring
subspecialist report
connection to our premium partner clinics at time and place of your convenience
worldwide specialistic therapy centres

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